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» Internal Project

Internal Project

Internal Development Project Description

The project is developing cloud application for Mobile Technologies for tracking Engineering Development. Engineering developments are no longer concentrated in one geographical center. Different aspects of a development projects are handled by personnel resources in different parts of globe with different time zones and working habits. This application will take a unique approach to capture the contribution of these resources and aggregate the results and track its progress to established plan and budget. The project is obviously networked based with easy access over the Internet.The application has a core with its web interface, issue organizer, search engine and the dashboard.

Web Interface : Simplicity of the web interface is its hallmark. Intuitive but not “bossy” interface makes an engineer enter relevant progress data.

Issue Organizer :  There will always be issues in development and these issues are important to document and solved. The organizer list these issues by source, subject and let the engineer generating these issues give it a priority as they see fit. A report generator in the issue Organizer tracks when they are completed and by whom. .

Search Engine :  A search engine is available to find different items in the core and its plug-ins. A number of search attributes are available to help the user to come to the item faster.

Dashboard :  The start page of the core is the dashboard, where all the plug-ins and latest progress report or summary are displayed. Each user can customize the dash board to give the user what it considers important and what the user wants to see updated every time it visits it. There is an option where the user can connect this dashboard to its work directly so that a progress report is generated automatically through some preference settings.

The application has at this moment planned with 7 plug-ins:

1.Time Track: :  This is s project tracker with respect to time and milestone and compares to already laid out plan. It shows slips in time only.

2.Make Time: :  This plug-ins analyzes the time track outputs and shows what resources will be required to still keep the plan milestones. This uses mathematical and statistical formulas to give a report and suggestions. .

3.Risk Management & Mitigation :  Some aspects of the features cannot be implemented exactly as planned which challenges the assumptions made about the products and articulated through marketing to potential clients. What those features are and how does one mitigate these risks of not providing such features and captured in this plug-ins. Any discussion with Marketing and customers are communicated back to engineering. Any re-plan or action are then promulgated through the system and planned for in Time Track and Make Time plug-ins.

4.Bug Track/Issue Track :  This is a list of issues that feeds to the core and often referred as bug track for software development projects. Each are given a priority and a date of completion along with a level of importance. Software application maybe defined to be released with level 3 bugs but not with Levels 1 and 2. This feature and others are customizable to suit customers’ needs.

5.Financial Impact Reporter :  This is a very important and powerful tool because it gives a financial report as what the project is costing and what it will cost to complete the project as its stands at a particular point. This plug-in gathers all data from other plug-ins and uses a customizable preference structure to calculate its findings. This report can go to the venture capitalist to determine the next round of funding requirement and when the project can actually complete.

6.Report Converter and Analyzer :  The reports that this application generates has a proprietary format. This plug-ins help convert its format to other application formats such as MS excel or other leading software applications.

7.Test Planner :  This application provides plug-in to define what testing will be used to qualify a product or application. In the software application development it will include functional tests, regression tests, beta and alpha tests and so on. The plug in keeps track of all the testing with results and comment from users.

Timeline :

The core project will start in September of 2014 and 5 percentage of the development work has been done to date. The time line for Test Planner Plug-in project has been attached for your review.

Current Status :

Some of the core features are being coded in Java and .Net. Network I/O has been defined. A budget and marketing inputs will be documented and list of potential customers will be contacted and inputs taken from them to include their suggestions into the feature plans.

Value for Money

High quality software development at a fair price is how Eresources gives value for money. For the major projects, we also offer development facilities in Naperville, IL. Such projects are ideal and economical to do locally and/or at our offshore development center in India.

Number of Employees assigned :

Three employees will be working on this project full time. Another development engineer will complete the team.

Worksite Location :

The worksite is now located in Naperville, IL. This will be the main center.


Marketing Analysis for the Final Product

Marketing analysis is proprietary. Some of the highlights of the Marketing Plan and analysis follow:

Marketing Plan: 
a) 6 companies have been contacted as advised by the venture capital group.
b) Contacted companies are core companies who have contributed in the survey about features they would like to see in upcoming products.
c) These companies will be the beta testing facilities as the product rolls out in December 2016.
d) There are ten second tier companies who were contacted at least to see the first launch and possible plug-in testers to integrate with their existing
software project tracking software they are using.

Market Analysis :
a) Data is available on the market trend of software tracking applications used in USA and some parts of the world.
b) These are generally lumped with the CRM software and real analysis is often diluted with other applications.
c) Displayed data shown below is intentionally from past and an increase of around 5 to 6 % growth per year.
d) Project tracking application is a productive tool. Many companies are using a number of applications that do not address a complete solution. It is also       true that project scope changes and new ways of doing a development project also change. The plug-in concept described previously will address this       dynamic way of working.
e) The Market is addressed by few good companies and market share is distributed to few of these players. The market size is also changing as more       and more development are outsourced and many other countries are adopting project tracking as an essential element of the development work.       Budgets for such application use are increasing as is the percentage of revenue that is directed to IT budget as could be seen in plots below.



Products evolve as it goes through its development cycle. The project tracking application that will be developed may change to address the market need of the future. The features described may change 20-25% before it is completed to address competition and the market need. The duration therefore may also change. Getting the right kind of resources are essential for success.