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» Consulting


While the goal of eResources Consultants Inc. consulting engagements is always to help clients solve their business problems with technology and process expertise, the scope of our projects varies widely. Sometimes, clients have already identified the few best software products for them and need assistance breaking a “tie.” Other times, they want guidance from soup to nuts, starting with a thorough requirements assessment and ending with implementation. Different yet, some customers are happy with the capabilities their existing technology, but would like advice on how best to use it in the execution of a Web strategy. And finally, some organizations have a solid WCM platform in place, but need help integrating supporting applications such as marketing campaign management, document management, records management, digital asset management, search, and portals.


Measuring and managing human capital with the same discipline as financial capital, hedging risks and carefully calculating new positions.

Provide leaders that maximize key metrics to increase efficiency and capital decision making.

Develop talent to excel at core competencies, to improve your competitive advantage.


  • Organizational Design
  • Workforce Planning and Deployment
  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Performance


We have several consultants placed onto dozens of projects, adding value and minimizing costs to our Clients. Our Consultants have experience in each phase of the project life cycle.  We have had the opportunity to work with many public and private clients, including IBM, AT$T,  Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon, Capital One, HP, T-Rowe Price, Fannie Mae, WEllPoint, TechMahindra and many others.